Corporate and non-profit clients include:

Fidelity Investments

Union Carbide

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

The Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY

Edelman Public Relations

The John Wayne Cancer Center, St. Josephs Hospital

The City of Los Angeles

Caplin's corporate and non-profit work takes complicated and technical issues and makes them easy to understand.

For the Franklin Institute
In the late 1990s Caplin produced, directed and wrote "The Wonders of Science" for the Franklin Institute, introducing the Franklin and Bower Award winners and their work to a lay audience. Those profiled include Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal of Britain; as well as Nobel winners Stanley Prusiner who won for his work on prions as the cause of mad cow disease; Ahmed Zewail for his work in Femtochemistry; Stormer, Tsui and Laughlin for their work on the Quantum Hall Effect. In addition she profiled Ralph Brinster and his work on stem cells; and George Rathmann, former CEO of Amgen, the huge biotech company, and John Diebold, Chairman of Meade Instruments, makers of telescopes.

For Union Carbide
"Jasonís Journey: The Quest for Chemistry, " produced by Caplin Communications for Union Carbide and endorsed by the American Chemical Society and the Chemical Manufacturers Association, is about the "benefits of chemistry." There are over 30,000 copies in distribution to schools throughout the country.

For the City of Los Angeles
Caplin was instrumental in the launch of Los Angeles County's Recycling Program including print and video.

For the Sciencenter in Ithaca
Caplin produced, directed, wrote, and narrated a short video for their exhibit on motion, entitled "Artistry in Motion." It is now touring with the exhibit "Cool Moves."

For Fidelity Investments
Caplin served as a media consultant, active in the campaign that increased the personal IRA recognition and sales, in addition she produced both in-house motivational programs and films and broadcast products for Fidelity.

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